Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drawing music :: The Necks show @ Issue Project Room

I made these iPhone drawings at The Necks concert tonight. The music blew me away-it was truly a physical experience. The Necks, an Australian trio that plays for a few decades now, improvises each show, and no two concerts are alike. Ever. The pianist, the up-right bassist and the drummer are like three shamans, who create an auditory whirl-wind. Each piece is no less than half-hour long. It starts off with barely audible fragments of sounds, that build up in most unpredictable ways, probably even for the musicians. The first set tonight was full of color and unusual harmonies. The second set was dark, loud and heavy. A cacophony of sounds and rhythm was so intense that it became nothing but visceral. I don't know how you would classify this music. It's as abstract as music gets, but it also is most concrete and crystallized. It's like emotions-you can't classify or name them, but you yourself know how definite they are because you FEEL them. Contrasts of sounds I experienced tonight were emotions put to music.

You can watch a video of their performance here:

The First Set: veiw from the back of the room

The Second Set: pianist and bassist

The Second Set: CACOPHONY

The Second Set: calm after the storm

Drawn on my iPhone


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