Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Paris :: Part 1 : Waiting For The Race

I am back from a 2-week trip to Paris with new experiences to share with you, in drawings.

The brightest event was, no doubt, the last leg of Tour De France! Friends and I got out early to claim our spots, as the crowds gathered to cheer for the race. It was empty on Rue De Rivoli at 7.30 am. By 1 pm, the street in front of the Louvre was a stampede. Colorful array of flags and languages from around the world shook the air. The race was expected to pass us about 4pm, so there was plenty of time to people-watch.

Strangers made acquaintances with whoever was standing next to them, clinking their giant beer glasses and waving their national flags. A lonely American flag, hanging from the hotel window, was drowned in the sea of Norwegian, British and Spanish colors. The statue of Jean of Arc right in the middle added just the right spirit.


  1. Love it Julia! Great characters and energy!

  2. Love your new drawings!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous work, Julia.

  4. Thank you Jeanette and Natasha!
    Hi Erik, thank you! I don't know you, do I?