Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drawing Music :: Portico Quartet

I fell in love with the music of Portico Quartet through the internet radio; I knew they were young musicians from United Kingdom and their music made me think of Steve Reich, The Cinematic Orchestra and The Lounge Lizards. There are also nostalgic, almost Rachmaninov-like melodies that thread through Portico's ambient, experimental jazz with hints of electronica. There are 3 hang drums (walnut-looking shapes on stands in the drawings below) that have unique sound.

*Drawn on my iPhone

Two days ago I heard Portico Quartet is in New York, playing a show in Greenpoint at Coco66. Couldn't miss this one! Portico's live performance stunned me and my friends. There's a link below if you'd like to check out some new, beautiful sounds. This is their first US tour-they are pretty much unknown here (literally, less than 20 people showed up)-but I'm sure time will take care of that. Portico's new album Isla is solid good. It's exciting to have something so wholesomely beautiful, layered and sophisticated to listen to. Ahhh....