Sunday, November 2, 2014

Next Stop: Munich for Oktoberfest.

Travel poster design.

A train ride from Vienna to Munich was about 4.5 hours. After Vienna's opulent architecture, Munich struck with its austerity. I really enjoyed drawing on Marienplatz, Munich's city center that houses both Old and New Town Halls. Numerous cafes all along the perimeter made it a very comfortable spot to draw.

Marienplatz. View of the Old Town Hall tower.
Marienplatz on a rainy night. View of the New Town Hall tower.
Marienplatz at night. New Town Hall, built at the turn of the 20th century in the Gothic Revival style.

Commemorative stamp design.


Oktoberfest, on the other hand, was anything but comfortable. It overwhelmed with the enormity of the fair grounds and very thick crowds. Being there for the final weekend of this month-long festival was not the best idea, because all tables inside the beer tents had been reserved since last year. "Beginner's luck" struck on my first day, as I managed to sneak inside one of the big tents and draw there for a couple of hours. But that was it. The following final days of Oktoberfest got more hectic and packed.

 Theresienwiese. Grounds of the Oktoberfest. Beer tents, Ferris wheel.

Commemorative stamp design.

I loved the food, and I loved the spirit and national pride. Majority of locals in Munich, as well as some visiting "temporary Germans", were dressed according to Bavarian tradition dating back to 19th century: dirndl dress for women and lederhosen for men. So fun! Taking the metro felt like I traveled back in time.

Rowdy festivities inside the beer tent.
Commemorative stamp designs.


  1. I'm loving your European reportage, Julia! Just gorgeous! That drinker is such a great drawing, and I loooooove your Oktoberfest stamps!

    1. Haha that drinker had a few, can't you tell? Thank you so much, Audrey! xoxo