Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NYC Emergency Rally for Muslim and Immigrant Rights

I love the spirit of my city! In response to President Trump's executive orders on building the Dakota pipe line and the Mexican border wall, on immigration ban from 7 Muslim countries and on suspended acceptance of Syrian refugees, a big emergency rally was organized in a matter of hours in Washington Square Park. As I was approaching the park, a deafening roar of the crowd was radiating several blocks out from under the Washington Square Arch. People were responding to key speakers - law students, ACLU, elected city officials, congressmen/women, Jewish and Muslim-Americans - who spoke against these executive orders and called to civil resistance and action. The hand-held signs and chants of the crowd around me summed up New York attitude towards the new administration: "We are better than this", "Resist", "Donal Trump is not America, We are America", "Make love, not walls", "We are one", "Refugees welcome". And here is Veronica Lawlor's report on the event, in words and drawings. Lastly, since I foresee many more protests in the future, here's a good article with tips and legal rights of peaceful protesters.

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  1. I am so happy to be connected to artists around the world especially during this challenging time! Thank you for sharing these powerful drawings.