Monday, January 18, 2010

Shanty time!

On a freezing-cold January day at Mystic, my friends and I attended a very heart-warming event: a sea shanty sing-a-long festival. Sea shanties were sailors' work songs with solo verses and chorus. Shanties told stories of love, romance, long voyages, whale hunting, stormy seas, longing for home...The room where the festival took place reverberated with enthusiasm and rowdy excitement; different voices would lead new songs and the crowd would join in on the chorus, swaying to the rhythm. Jokes, plenty of laughter and genuine love for these songs filled the air. There were lots of long beards all around. I really enjoyed being there, with my friends, drawing. It was packed and hot inside, contrasting with the crisp quietness of that freezing-cold January day at Mystic. Here are some drawings from that day.
*not iPhone art

Can you see frozen ink on paper?

the Beard

All the instruments...

...and a flute

All together now!

Charlie Ipcar


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