Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pottery Update

Here are some of my latest ceramic pieces from August and September of 2014.

Thumbnails for the Drip Vase glaze.
Drip Vase. 10" height x 8" width

Thumbnail for the Elephant Vase glaze

Elephant Vase. Drip Vase. 10.5" height x 8" width

Thumbnails for the Vessel with Handle glaze

Vessel with Handle. 14" height

Thumbnails for the Tribal Vase underglaze and glaze design.
Tribal Vase. 14" height

Thumbnails for the painterly series

Thumbnail for sea form glaze
Sea Form Bowl. 7" diameter.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drawing Music :: Sexmob

September is filled with concerts for me! I've already attended 3, and there are still more to go to. (Le) Poisson Rouge series "Strange and Beautiful Music" celebrates all things John Lurie, including his paintings.  So last night, an awesome band called Sexmob played soundracks composed by John Lurie, from movies "Down By Law", "Stranger Than Paradise", "Get Shorty", "Mystery Train" and more. Here's an iPad portrait of Sexmob leader Steven Bernstein.

Steven Bernstein of Sexmob, drawn on the iPad with finger using Brushes app.

More concert drawings are here