Friday, July 17, 2015

Cover of Canson Mix Media Artboards

I am very excited to represent Dalvero Academy on the cover of the new Canson location pads: Mixed Media Artboards.

Photo courtesy Chris Brody.

This is a drawing of Mission Solano in Sonoma that I made in 2011 during the Dalvero Academy drawing trip to the West coast.  Best memories!

The other 3 pads are Watercolor Artboards, cover art by Veronica Lawlor; Canva Artboards, cover art by Margaret Hurst; Illustration Artboards, cover art by Evan Turk. Thank you, Canson, and thank you, Veronica and Dalvero Academy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Celebrating Pilgrimage

Here's a drawing I made of a pilgrim woman tending her garden in the 17th century village at the Plymouth Plantation, MA, while on a drawing trip with Dalvero Academy.

With this drawing I'd like to celebrate my 21st anniversary of coming to America and "tending my garden" on this fertile soil since July 1st, 1994.