Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shakespeare in the Park :: Richard III

Last Sunday, my friends and I spent a dreamy evening in Central Park, watching and drawing Shakespeare's "Richard III" staging by the magnificent New York Classical Theater.

It's a free event with intimate feel to it, in the midst of luscious greenery of the park, with great acting and beautiful costumes...The crowd follows the actors from spot to spot inside the park, as the sun sets. The closing scene happens against a deep navy sky and flickering of fireflies.

It's just one of those New York secrets one must discover. In July, don't miss New York Classical's staging of "Much Ado About Nothing" in Battery Park.


  1. it's beautiful, Julia! *and* you gave me a shout out! *blush*

  2. Hi I've arrived here from Evan's blog. These are beautiful. I love the colour palette you have used.