Friday, February 11, 2011

Cupid and Psyche: The Ultimate Love Story

In light of approaching Valentines Day...

Cupid and Psyche (after Antonio Canova's statue Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss)

There is an epic tale from antiquity of Cupid and Psyche. 

The story begins with Venus (aka Aphrodite) being so jealous of the beauty that mortal Psyche possesses, that she asks her son Cupid to pierce Psyche with a golden arrow to make her fall in love with some vile creature. Cupid (aka Eros & Amour) messes up his task and instead scratches himself with the arrow upon Psyche's awakening. He falls deeply in love with her. Venus, enraged, places a curse on Psyche that keeps her from meeting any suitable husband. Cupid, upset, takes revenge on his mother Venus: as long as the curse lasts, he won't shoot any arrows. People and all living creatures stop falling in love and mating, the Earth quickly grows old and Venus's temple falls, for no one is worshipping LOVE any longer. That shakes up Venus enough to cut a deal with Cupid: if he goes back to work of shooting his golden arrows, he could have Psyche. 

What happens next? A whole lot. The long tale is filled with treacherous relatives, jealousies, curses and revenges, a plunge into the Underworld. But... not without a happy ending! Cupid and Psyche get married and give birth to daughter Hedone, the goddess of "sensual pleasures" in Greek Mythology. Here's the full tale by Apuleius >

So, if you find your love life is difficult, just look at what the Greek Gods had to go through!  As William Shakespeare wrote, "A course of true love never did run smooth." 

Happy Love Day. It's worth celebrating. Any day, any time, anywhere...


  1. You're such a romantic! Beautiful piece, Julia! Happy V Day!

  2. ah you're quick! :) and yes, guilty as charged...
    Happy Love Day, Audrey! xo

  3. Gorgeous!! Love, love, love....

  4. This is an even happier Valentine's Day with your beautiful art! :)

  5. yey, Sara!
    :)) thank you Melanie, Greg and Danielle!