Monday, July 18, 2011

Seattle's Pike Place Market

Named "the Soul of Seattle", Pike Place market was born in 1907 with the philosophy of "Meet the Producer".  To this day, it's the foundation of the Market.

The Pike Place Market is important as it reflects the national wave of immigration and remains a place for hope and opportunity for new residents.

Unbelievably fragrant flower stand with peonies, poppies and irises. I've never seen such gorgeous bouquets for just $10! The girls were wrapping huge bouquets in white paper and selling them like hot potatoes.

In late 1800's, immigrants from Japan began arriving in WA state to work in mining, lumber and railroad construction. Japanese made up 80% of the farmers and produced 75% of the region's berries and vegetables, and 30% of the milk. The Pike Place Market gave them the opportunity to have small owner-operated business. During the WWII, Japanese immigrants suffered through discrimination and labor camps, as well as prohibitions to buy land and become citizens. The Market stood empty. Only a handful of farmers recovered their land and returned to the Market after the WWII.

Today, the Market is a booming, colorful place filled with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, fish, flowers and hand crafts.

"Meet the Producer"


  1. Hi Julia, I am one of the old guys from the Seattle workshop, I really admire your drawings.

  2. Dear Don, it was such a pleasure to meet you and spend three days drawing together! Thank you for the compliment! I hope we get to meet again! Maybe on your homeland? Keep on doing great drawings! -Julia

  3. It was my pleasure Julia. I am so pleased you visited my blog and made such kind comments. Yes, I am going to keep on drawing. All the best, Don