Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guest Blogger :: Alex Charner

Today's Guest Blogger is a dear friend, artist Alex Charner!
Enjoy his art and writing!

Exterior Planking - March 30th

Myself, Julia and 22 other artists are part of a wonderful show opening April, 28 at Mystic Seaport. We all have roles to play in the successful launch of this gallery show. My role on the video team has led to great opportunities and discoveries.

Friday, March 30th, having concluded our interviews, we went to the Mystic Preservation Shipyard to say goodbye to its Director, Quentin Snediker, on our way back to New York. Within 20 minutes we were donning hard hats and drawing as a long, flexible wooden plank was fastened to the exterior of the Charles W. Morgan.

Here's my take on the work we witnessed:

After the plank is hot boxed and suspended in by a tractor, It takes a big team to fasten it to the ship's exterior.

Workers use clamps to make sure the hot, flexible wood takes the ship's shape.

Wooden nails are also used to fasten external planking.
As a person who loves Julia's work and proudly displays one of her prints in my home, I'm honored to contribute as a guest blogger. Thank you Julia! I remember my smile when you pulled a Charner, there are so many things I learn from you and your work.

You can see more of my work at http://alexcharner.com/

-Alex Charner

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