Saturday, September 7, 2013

Montréal, Part 1: Old Port and Old City.

Sunset over Montréal's Old Port
I spent the Labour Day weekend in la ville aux cent clochers (the city of a hundred steeples). Mark Twain once said, "This is the first time I was ever in a city where you couldn't throw a brick without breaking a church window."  He is right! Here are some drawings of Ville-Marie aka Montréal, Canada. Such a beautiful and history-rich place to draw!

Night view of Côte de la Place d'Armes / Ruelle des Fortifications with Notre-Dame Basilica peaking in the distance

Notre-Dame Basilica. One of the four Roman Catholic basilicas in Montreal
Top right: flag of Montreal with symbols taken from the coat of arms. It represents 4 main European ethnic groups that were settled in the city in the 19th century. Fleur-de-lys for the French, who were the original settles of Ville-Marie. Rose of Lancaster for the English and the Welsh. Shamrock for the Irish. Thistle for the Scots. 
Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral.
One of the four Roman Catholic basilicas in Montreal. 
The Historic Museum in Old Montreal, with horse-driven carriages that give tourists rides on cobble-stone streets.
View of Old Montreal from an abandoned railroad along the river.

Old Montreal. 
Bustling streets of Old Montreal. A fond memory of delicious crepes I ate that evening is forever embedded in this drawing!
The Sailor's Memorial Clock
The tower is dedicated  to the Canadian Sailors who died in the First World War. 

Statue of the Virgin as Star of the Sea atop one of the oldest churches in Montreal. The church, "Our Lady of the Harbour", is known as the Sailor's Church, overlooking the harbor and giving "good help" for safe sea voyages. 


  1. These are absolutely fabulous Julia!!!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer-so nice to hear from you :-) Hope all is well.