Monday, September 16, 2013

Montréal, Part 3: The Olympic Tower and Biodôme

Built originally for the Summer 1976 Olympic Games, this is the highest inclined tower in the world. It's 175 meters high and has a 45-degree angle. And it's so fun to draw!
On the last day of my Labour Day weekend's trip to Montréal, I went to the Olympic Stadium area, hoping to see and draw all its wonders: the leaning tower, the Biodome, the Botanical Gardens and the Insectarium. Well, that was simply impossible to do in one day! The olympic stadium and it's inclined tower had me hypnotized and drawing outside for a good half of the day alone. By the time I walked out of the Biodome, having watched the feeding of the penguins among other things, and headed towards the Botanic Gardens, the sun was already near horizon. I hope to return to this awesome place again and finish what I set out to see and draw!

Olympic Tower in pastels.
Another side of the Olympic Tower and the Stadium.
Olympic tower in pastels.

What's inside the Biodome: rooms with micro-climats from around the globe, with living flora and fauna. It's like a museum of natural history, an aquarium, a zoo and a botanic garden all at once! I have never seen anything like it and absolutely loved it.

Kids watching penguins swim behind glass. Penguins are equally interested in their audience. Too cute to handle!
Feeding of the penguins inside the Biodome


  1. I live accross the street from this tower, and I can say that your sketches are really neat. They do capture something of this oddity! Thanks.

  2. Do you? Ha! Thank you for stopping by here and leaving the comment! -Julia