Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 5: "One Watercolor A Day" Challenge: Masking Fluid.

Being in a fairy tale mood, I revisited some of my thumbnails from Disney's Magic Kingdom, and used them as the starting point for these studies of Pegasus flying over a kingdom and unlocking springs of living water. The point of the exercise was to use masking fluid with watercolors. It's something I've never done before, a new technique, and I loved it! The suspense of rubbing the rubbery mask off the dry painting to reveal paper was the best part. Will pack a masking fluid pen next time I go draw on location.

I'm doing one watercolor exercise a week, following a delightful book called "One Watercolor A Day", written by my art teacher Veronica Lawlor, with my other art teacher Margaret Hurst, and their co-members of Studio 1482 artist collective. Check out the One Watercolor A Day Facebook group, where participants of the challenge are posting their exercise results on weekly basis.


  1. I want a pegasus!!!! Beautiful and so fun, Julia!

    1. :-) awww, thanks, Audrey!
      I want a Pegasus, too! And if you had a Unicorn, they would go on magical play dates. Sigh.