Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pottery Update

Here are some of my latest ceramic pieces from August and September of 2014.

Thumbnails for the Drip Vase glaze.
Drip Vase. 10" height x 8" width

Thumbnail for the Elephant Vase glaze

Elephant Vase. Drip Vase. 10.5" height x 8" width

Thumbnails for the Vessel with Handle glaze

Vessel with Handle. 14" height

Thumbnails for the Tribal Vase underglaze and glaze design.
Tribal Vase. 14" height

Thumbnails for the painterly series

Thumbnail for sea form glaze
Sea Form Bowl. 7" diameter.


  1. glad i stumbled on that post - love your vases and your design sketches! truly original which is so rare with pottery. Your work reminds me of Chihuly's pueblo series, in spirit :) - have you ever tried glass blowing?..
    cheers helena

    1. hi Helena
      Wow, I'm a huge Dale Chihuly fan, have several of his books, including his drawings. I am so glad his influence shows up and is recognizable. I haven't tried glass blowing. Everything "glass" fascinates me, including mosaics and stained glass. One day, for sure! Thank you! Julia

    2. oh so glad to hear you like Chihuly; i'm totally a junkie - from his Bronx Botanical gardens exhibit circa 2006... since then traveled to Pittsburgh, and to Boston - this is where i fell in love with his pueblo vessels and navajo rugs... Speaking of glass have you heard about Willam Morris (not that Morris):
      i have pretty much all his books - absolutely fascinating, his work is closer to ceramics than glass and incredible experience in real life

    3. hi Helena,
      I hear you on Chihuly :)
      Thanks for introducing me to William Morris-he's amazing! I gotta get some of his books.