Saturday, April 4, 2015

Scooter LaForge Fashion

Last Thursday, April 2nd, I went to the Society of Illustrators for their weekly Thursday Sketch Night, hosted by fashion illustrator Bil Donovan, and it happened to be "An Evening with Scooter LaForge", modeled by Arielle Harp and Kendall Weber (aka Sailor Moon). Scooter was on the model stand as well, for one pose. Here he is!

Scooter LaForge

We were told to look out for next week's Jimmy Fallon show with Madonna's performance: Scooter LaForge is dressing her back-up dancers, and this was a sneak peak of the clothing he's creating. I was so excited to draw, and my favorite accessory was this huge blue eye ball on a stick, covered with glittering spangles. I loved the graphics and shapes of Scooter's mish-mash-scribbly-patched-layered-torn-glittered-leather-plad aesthetics, which Ronnie (Veronica Lawlor) described as "gritty funkiness of the 1980s East Village". Check out her drawings in this eloquent post.  Also, look for Despina Geordiadis and Greg Betza posts with drawings of the event as well. At the end of the night, as Scooter, Sailor Moon, Ronnie and I were stuck on the subway platform waiting for the F for forever, we talked about our love of Picasso and Matisse, among other things. Scooter was holding a big black trash bag. With costumes. Just like that.

Anelle Miller, Executive Director of the Society of Illustrators, on the Model Stand