Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March on Washington

Just returned from the Women's March on Washington in DC - it was an exhausting 24-hour-long day, but what a day it was! How exciting to take part in history, and march with fellow artists alongside 500,000 people, who came out to let our new administration know that we - the people - are watching, that women's rights are human rights, that diversity is our strength, that racism is unacceptable, that we need equality for all, and that we are stronger together. It is said to be the biggest peaceful protest in the history of America-well over 1 million people marched in all major US cities. The event was global: hundreds of women's marches took place around the world, in solidarity. This is unprecedented. Positive. Powerful. Hopeful. It will take social and political activism on our part to actually turn these slogans into reality. But stating the intent is the first step in the right direction. You can see more art from this day by my fellow Dalvero artists on Instagram, Facebook and their personal blogs under #womensmarchdraws.

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