Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drawing Music :: Cyro Baptista

An impromptu carinval, anybody? With Cyro Baptista, Brazilian jazz & world music percussionist? I'm there! Tonight, at the SVA theater in the city. All I had on me was a pencil and an ink pen, so that had to make do. But, after I got home, I couldn't resist adding some color-it WAS a Brazilian carnival, after all! The stage was covered with all kinds of sound-making devices and a multitude of musicians. It looked and sounded like the Tower Of Babel.
*not iPhone art

Cyro Baptista, the man himself

Cyro with some band members

Cyro's Japanese tap dancer/drummer performing Balinese dance; masked SVA students watch her, mesmorized.

All together now, loud as ever!

African Drummer's solo

A Led Zeppelin song, sung and played on Theremin Vox by Lisette Santiago, who's also a killer percussionist. Amazing.

Lisette Santiago on a "Tambourine Tree".

Cyro with a multitude of hand-made instruments. On the far left, these are pipes from the Home Depot. The sounded unbelievable.

What a show! Special thanks to my friend for this opportunity.


  1. tamborine tree I think she said, though I can't find confirmation online

  2. awesome drawings as always, Yulya

  3. Hi Bella! I'm so glad, thank you! :)

  4. hi goga, thanks! can you add me on fb? can't find you there...

  5. Hi Yulya

    Thanks for the great drawings of us. I especially like the one of me on theremin. And yes that wonderful contraption is called the tambourine tree.
    Thanks for documenting the show in such an amazingly creative way.

    Lisette Santiago

  6. Sorry I meant Julia..

  7. Lisette! Wow what a surprise and pleasure to hear from you...thank you very much! You are incredible artists!

    Do you have a blog or an events page where I can find out about your shows? I'd love to come and draw you again (being more prepared:))

    p.s. Yulya is the Russian spelling, all good :-)