Friday, April 2, 2010

Guest blogger :: Audrey Hawkins

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Carnegie Hall with a friend to hear
the Orchestra of St. Luke's play a varied program. I love the Isaac
Stern Auditorium, not only for its fantastic acoustics, but for the
design! Everything is yellow and all the flourishes are gilt; it
really makes you feel like you're somewhere special. I felt like I had
to draw the stage with all the musicians.

copyright Audrey Hawkins (c)2010

And then last week, I went with art friends and fellow bloggers Julia
of this blog and Danielle of A Love of Drawing, to hear a group called So
, who were amazing! My favorite was the Reich piece, but they were all fascinating. The piece by Steven Mackey involved egg timers and wind-up toys. Amazing! Needless to say, it was fun to hear, and it was fun to draw too! The first drawing has a bit of the projections that were happening behind the percussionists.
The second involved a giant drum and a microphone. I can't explain exactly what was happening, but the program tells me it has to do with the drum being "caressed" and the sound being fed into a computer where it is released. It didn't sound like a drum at all, it sounded like, well, waves of sound. So difficult to describe music with words, I'm much more comfortable with drawing it!

copyright Audrey Hawkins (c)2010

copyright Audrey Hawkins (c)2010

Many thanks to Julia for hosting me! Your turn to guest blog for me
now Jules!


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