Monday, June 7, 2010

People Full Of Funnies

I just returned from the 10th Annual Funniest Jewish Amateur Comedian Contest. Was it funny? At times-very! I'm most happy about my friend Victor Wishna, whom I came to support, becoming one of the finalists tonight.

He always looks so serious-and that makes his jokes even funnier!

Here are some drawings of the other comedians. I kept thinking: how one draws a joke or a sense of humor...?
The Stone twins were everybody's favorite! They kept talking simultaneously on top of one another, making themselves feel like one person instead of two! Goofy as ever,  and so very funny...

Of course, in the medley of performers, there was this one comedian whose jokes filled the room with heavy quietness. It could be that the night was still young and not enough alcohol was consumed. Or maybe...he..just...wasn't funny.

Here's the guy who took the first place tonight, Bryan Wilson, the cellist. He sang some of his jokes while playing the cello.

Then there was one spunky lady whose name I did not catch...

And a few other performers whose jokes I can't remember anymore. 

As the saying goes, "A comic says funny things; a comedian says things funny."
Some had funny ideas, others had funny presence. The ones who captured the audience most had both those things going. I guess that makes them...the comic comedians.


  1. Hah! Great drawings! I love the "not funny" scribbled at the bottom of that one.