Sunday, October 3, 2010

Paris :: Part 5 : Wine Tasting Notes continue with drawings from my Parisian trip in July, here are some happy memories from the wine tasting night. We met our sommelier Oliver inside the 17th century cellar that's adjacent to the Louvre and that once belonged to Louis XV.

Oliver began his lesson with Champagne, and we slowly drifted through the Whites and Roses to the Reds. By the way, I learned that Rose is made from red grapes without the skins (and not a mix of reds and whites); Champagne is made with the mix of 2 red grape varieties and 1 white grape variety; I also learned that the most telling and important item on the French wine's label is Appellation. And, of course, I learned in practice the three techniques to make me look like the legitimate wine snob (that I'm not): 1-how to LOOK,  2-how to SMELL, 3-how to TASTE the wine.

Frankly, I still stumble when I have to order a bottle at a restaurant. I think I might need a few more lessons: the know-how on the wine je ne sais quoi.


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