Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Special

November 11 is not only my Dad's birthday, but also a day of tribute to veterans. Veterans Day memorial services are always accompanied by bagpipes in USA.  Coincidentally, I just stumbled upon  3-year-old drawings from the National Tartan Day that took place at the Grand Central station in New York in 2007.  Even though the drawings were made at a fun cultural event and are light-hearted, I still want to post them as my tribute.  A happy tribute made by someone who is lucky enough not to be touched by war.

Also, I realized that I have no idea why they play bagpipes during memorial services and googled it. One of the links offered the following:

If *you* happen to know the historical tie between US military and bagpipes, leave it in a comment, I'd like to know.


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