Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Theater :: "The School for Husbands" by Moliere

This past weekend my friends and I went to see Moliere's "The School for Husbands", performed by the fantastic New York Classical Theater. What they do is called panoramic theater. The location becomes the set, and the audience follows actors from scene to scene. This is the fourth* panoramic play I've attended over the past 2 years. It's so much enjoyment! And it's free. And it's in the midst of weeping willows of the Central Park, lit by the setting sun and distant flickering of the city. A stunning setting for a beautiful happening. You get a feeling that you're in on a secret with the crowd that showed up at an appointed hour of 7 o'clock at 103rd street and CPW. All of a sudden, flamboyantly costumed actors materialize and suck you into their dialogue. From that moment on, you're mezmorized for the next hour. The smile does not leave your face. And when it's over, you wish it would start all over again. It's that good.

The performance of "The School for Husbands" takes place the entire month of June, Thursdays/Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights at 7pm if it doesn't rain.

* Here are the other three panoramic plays I've seen and drawn in the past 2 years, all staged by the New York Classical Theater in New York:

"The Rover"
"Richard III"


  1. These are great - they really capture the mood of the play! I have been going to see New York Classical Theater with my family for years now, since my kids were babies (they are now teens). They are a great company!

    Checked out your website, Julia and love your work! It's so gestural, up-beat and exciting. I have two "technical" questions for you - what app do you use for drawing on the iphone? And what medium(s) do you use when you use when you draw on location?

    Your Le Tour de France pieces are a Tour de Force!