Friday, February 24, 2012

MoMA Eindhoven :: Augmented Reality Gallery

I now exhibit my drawings in MoMA Eindhoven, Netherlands, in an augmented reality gallery as part of the DIY museum by Sander Veenhof. You can participate too, by uploading your artworks here >

Sander Veenhof pioneered the idea of infiltrating physical museum spaces with augmented reality exhibitions in New York back in 2010, proving there are no more boundaries. He and Mark Skwarek had an "Uninvited" augmented reality art opening at MoMA NYC. I wrote about this incredible event here >

As an artist who practices the oldest of art forms - drawing from life - I am captivated by the newest of art forms - augmented reality, wondering how the two will effect each other. Changing the way artists can exhibit art and what "exhibiting" actually means in augmented reality is just the beginning.


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