Thursday, June 7, 2012

ArtsWestchester Exhibit :: Part 2 : Mural

Mural "What It's Like To Be a Fish" is now on view at the ArtsWestchester gallery through August 2012. It was done in collaboration with a dear friend, artist Eddie Pena, for a group show "Fish Tales" about the vital waterways of Long Island Sound. We started our research last summer by hitting local aquariums, drawing and learning about the species. 

In our mural, the left side is salty sea water, and the right side is fresh water. The middle is where they meet to form an Estuary, which is exactly what Long Island Sound is. Eddie and I intended our mural to be educational, so we took care to represent the species accurately. We depicted some endangered ones, like the Sand Tiger shark and the Loggerhead turtle. You might also recognize Black Drum fish, Atlantic Cod, Sturgeon, Striped Bass, Moon jellies, seahorses, terrapins, Blue crab, Sea Robin and more! See if you can spot the Clown fish (remember Finding Nemo?)

Here are some of my drawing studies from the aquariums. It was such a great experience to work on this mural! The final piece that's on view is enlarged to wrap around the whole room and features a transparent window overlay. Special thanks to La Benida Hui of R.A.R.E., the curator of this group show!


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