Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vienna, Part 2: Wiener Kaffeehaus Encore!

...continuing from my previous post about Vienna's beautiful cafes. Here are all the other ones I visited.

Café Landtmann‬, once upon a time frequented by Freud. I was sitting outside, facing Burg Theater.

. . .

 "Part of what made the cafes so important [a century ago] was that 'everyone' went. [...] So there was a cross-fertilisation across disciplines and interests, in fact boundaries that later became so rigid in western thought were very fluid."

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Cafe Central.  Grand interior, with live piano music. Opened in late 19th century, and became the key meeting place for Viennese intellectuals. Notorious for having Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler and Freud, among others, as patrons and regulars.

"The [ Café ] Central-people are always attracted like the murderer to the scene of the crime, to where they killed so much time, wiped out entire years.” – Alfred Polgar: “Theory of the Café Central”

Cafe Central.

Cafe Central.

Café Frauenhuber, oldest in Vienna, Mozart's favorite. Very cozy.

Café Schwarzenberg. Proximity to Viennese Opera House drives colorful, touristy crowds. Here's a dapper waiter rushing back and forth.

Café Schwarzenberg. Lady behind the sweets counter.
Café Schwarzenberg. Proximity to the Opera House drives diverse touristy crowds. Here's a group of international businessmen having late-night wine.
Cafe Tirolerhof. Best Gulaschsuppe in town! Here, it's mostly locals, who come to read newspapers and spend time with friends.

Drawings of Cafe Sperl are here >

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  1. Julia, these are just fantastic! I especially love the design of that last set! Beautiful!