Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter Freeze

I was in Mystic Seaport with Dalvero Academy this past weekend, and boy was it cold! But nothing stops us from drawing, especially when there is so much beauty that only freezing winter air and light can create.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 4 of the 5 Day Art Challenge: illustrations for Alan Lightman's book "Einstein's Dreams"

I accepted the Facebook 5 Day Art Challenge nomination from my friend and artist Audrey Hawkins. Day 4 is a personal project I haven't shared before, as I work on it intermittently: illustrations for Alan Lightman's book "Einstein's Dreams". The book is a meditation on the nature of time, and every chapter asks a "what if..." question.

• 26 APRIL 1905
“At some time in the past, scientists discovered that time flows more slowly the farther from the center of earth.”
-Alan Lightman, "Einstein's Dreams"

• 8 MAY 905
“The world will end on 26 September 1907. Everyone knows it.”
-Alan Lightman, "Einstein's Dreams"

• 3 MAY 1905
“Consider a world in which cause and effect are erratic. Most people have learned to live in the moment. It is a world of impulse.”
-Alan Lightman, "Einstein's Dreams"

• 20 MAY 1905
“People have no memories. For it’s only habit and memory that dulls the physical passion. A world without memory is a world of the present..”-Alan Lightman, "Einstein's Dreams"