Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spread in "Reportage and Documentary Drawing" by Veronica Lawlor

I am thrilled to be included in the latest book by Veronica Lawlor "Reportage and Documentary Drawing", illustrating the chapter about "The Whole Event" (pg. 74-75), alongside some of the fellow artists from Dalvero Academy, Studio 1482 and The Urban Sketchers global community. What an incredible company to be in! The 3 featured drawings date back to 2012, when I took my Dad to see a basketball game at the Barklays Center in Brooklyn, and had a lot of fun! Here's the original post with more drawings from the event.

Check out this newly-published handbook-the format is great, you can take it with you on location and find tips to help you draw in any situation. Thank you, Veronica, and congratulations on another beautiful and educational art book!