Thursday, June 25, 2015

Notes From Cuba: Havana Bay

Recently, I spent 5 days in Cuba with my most favorite people, art mentors and friends Ronnie and Margaret.

We went as part of a larger tour group, and saw both, town and country life, albeit at the speed of the constantly moving tour bus. We stayed in Havana, with one night in the beautiful small town of ViƱales. I hungrily seized those little pockets of drawing time that we got “on land” and will be posting some of the drawings in the weeks to come. Here’s the view of Havana Bay wall. Fishermen's boats take on a rather heavy meaning, once you find out that Cubans aren’t legally allowed to get into a boat, unless they have a fishing license or a permit, which pretty much makes Cubans prisoners of their own country. 

Havana Bay Wall and Fishing Boats

Here's Part 2: Streets of Havana >


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