Saturday, February 6, 2016

Opera Rehersal

On January 15 I had a unique opportunity to draw the rehearsal of a new opera in the making,  La Reina, at the American Lyric Theater, as part of the theater's fund raiser (thanks to a dear friend, artist Alex Charner, who passed this along to me, Lyndsay Werking of the American Lyric Theater, and a generous donation by another dear friend and artist Susan Buroker.)

The opera is due in 2017/18. It was amazing to witness this early stage of the orchestral read, where singers, musicians and the opera's composer sat in one big room, going over the 2 acts with intermittent directions from the conductor. It sounded incredible, I can only imagine what the final production is going to be like! Here are some of the drawings and watercolors.


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