Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paris :: Part 2 : Le Tour De France 2010

...Up until the day of the race, I couldn't imagine enjoying the event as much as I did.

During the last leg, cyclists make 9 rounds on Champs-Élysées, circling Arc de Triomphe, passing Rue de Rivoli (where I was "stationed".) And I was so thankful for those 9 rounds, because after 8 hours of anticipation, when first motorcycles of cortege appeared around the corner with roaring of the crowd, the Tour zooooomed by and was GONE in a blink of an eye! A few swooshes on the page...

Ahh...the cyclists were beautiful in their tension and speed. They looked like creatures made of mercury.

Similar to Olympic games of Ancient Greece, in honor of which wars between city-states were postponed for the duration of tournaments, Le Tour De France has an air of reconciliation. At least in my eyes. I tend to romanticize, but it's really a significant event-all cultures get involved. Turns out it was Revolutionary France that first emulated the ancient Olympics in late 19th century, for the first time since 426 AD. That event was called L'Olympiade de la République. Bravo, France!!

More drawings are in "Waiting For The Race" post >


  1. I love the energy & sense of movement this picture conveys.

  2. this is so killer! it's exactly what it looked like!

  3. WOW Julia! Stunning and powerful. And the writing is so poetic yet informative. I love it!

  4. Hi guys, really appreciate what you think-thank you!
    Audrey-you were in a different spot-can't wait to see it from your vantage point.